Meshes and services

Stainless steel meshes from GKD are used in precoat filter systems for filtration and separation of wine and beer. Depending on the application, the meshes used are Plain Dutch Weave, Twilled Dutch Weave, PZ-Microdur mesh, or Reverse Dutch Twilled Weave. All stainless steel meshes are prepared for assembly as cleaned semi-finished products or installed directly on site during repair work. Depending on the filter leaf, we use conventional rescreening methods or our special Neverleak technology. Our stainless steel meshes are suitable for all standard filter systems, such as Schenk, Steinecker, Funda, Della Toffola, Padovan and US-Filter.

Benefits for the beverage filtration

  • High-strength stainless steel mesh for a long service life
  • Faultless and 100%-checked semi-finished products
  • Ultrasonically cleaned
  • Replacement elements and repair service

In the starch industry, filtration meshes from GKD are used in solid-liquid filtration applications, as well as filtration and separation screen systems. Our GEKUPLATE mesh laminates are the ideal choice for starch dewatering in conical centrifuges, as they are matched to the respective conditions of the starch. The drum filters used in starch filtration applications are fitted with our filtration meshes. We also offer matching filter meshes and complete sieving screens for solid-solid separation in air separators.

Benefits for starch filtration

  • Matched mesh laminates for centrifugal dewatering
  • High throughputs and long service life
  • Installation of the filter media in centrifuge baskets and drum filters
  • Sieving screens for air separators

In addition to this, filter elements and meshes from GKD are used in the sugar industry for filtration of process water and liquid sugar. Matched to the respective filtration equipment, we produce filter inserts and elements that we then fit with particularly efficient and durable Optimized Dutch Weave (ODW). Our filter inserts for automatic filters from manufacturers such as Amiad and Holland Filter are rugged and durable.

Benefits for sugar filtration

  • Production of individual filter inserts
  • Optimized filtration mesh for coarse and fine filtration
  • Robust filter inserts for Amiad filters and Holland filters
  • Filter inserts for ion exchangers

Filtration meshes from GKD form the basis for standard filter units used in the production of vegetable oil. The filter leaves of typical Niagara filters are fitted with various GKD filtration meshes, such as PZ-Microdur mesh and Plain Dutch Weave, which are both mechanically robust and durable. Matched square meshes offer support and inner drainage in the construction of plates. Our Neverleak filter leaves can be produced individually for all standard filter types.

Benefits for vegetable oil filtration

  • Proven, robust filter media for a long service life
  • Filter elements for all filter types
  • Used filter plate repairs
  • 1.4404 and 1.4539 materials as standard

Ute Wirtz
Sales and Applications Manager
Industrial & Filtration
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Sascha Schönecken
Sales and Applications Manager
Industrial & Filtration
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Dr. Gerald Bender
Sales and Applications Manager
Process Belts
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