We optimize your process and production chains

Products from GKD can be found in countless processes, where they are always optimized for the respective application area.

From the technology leader for industrial weave and process belts

GKD continuously opens up new fields of application through manufacturing technology and process expertise. We use GKD fabrics and meshes to create efficient systems, equipment, and components that are integrated perfectly into customer processes across all industrial sectors.

Our many years of experience with application processes, our customer proximity, as well as our cost-focused and user-centered approach have made GKD the first-choice partner for industrial mesh worldwide.

Our expertise for industrial and filtration applications:

  • Holistic product expertise
  • Cross-sector process know-how
  • Synergies thanks to many years of experience
  • Ability to innovate and create new and complex individual solutions

Customers in the process belt market segment enjoy great benefits with our innovative mesh solutions and individually manufactured belts. Our products are used in a wide range of process applications worldwide.

Our expertise for process belt applications:

  • Leading manufacturing expertise
  • Certified quality standards throughout
  • Optimally matched products and systems
  • High rate of innovation
  • Reliably reproducible quality
  • Continuous alignment with the processes of our customers

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