Solutions for wood processing 

Durability and reliability are the key requirements when it comes to construction products for floors, walls, and ceilings. Reliable processes and optimum use of raw materials are required to achieve this. We supply the right accessories for this in the form of process belts, which are appreciated by both OEMs and end users. In cooperation with specialized wood-processing equipment manufacturers, we work continuously to secure innovative solutions. 

For decades, our process belts produced from synthetic or metal mesh have been demonstrating impressive performance in deaerating, dewatering, drying, pressing, and embossing operations. They are also absolutely indispensable in the production of MDF and chip boards, flooring, and insulation materials. Our process and conveyor belts are rugged, resistant to high mechanical stresses, and temperature resistant. They can also prevent electrostatic charges where applicable. These characteristics optimize processes and ensure efficient use of valuable resources. 

Our filtration meshes and elements are also used in numerous peripheral processes, such as dust filtration for input and outlet air, as well as screening, classification, and filtration of both process fluids and wastewater.

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Process Belts
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