Process belts for sewage sludge drying

Sewage sludge is more than just a waste product of sewage management. Through incineration, it can be used as a carbon-neutral energy source and is considered a valuable contribution to green energy. Sewage sludge is efficiently dried to an ideal dry residue content of 85 to 95 percent using belt dryers. Robust, precisely fitted process belts play the starring role here.

One of the biggest challenges for the dryer belt are the mechanical forces that place a permanent strain on the belt. What is more, the belt material needs to withstand extreme temperatures without shrinking – and it needs to be capable of handling hydrolysis. To fulfill these requirements, GKD perfectly tailors its mesh to the respective process. In extensive laboratory simulations, we make an appropriate type selection and create thermosetting specifications. The results of these laboratory tests are process belts like the 5099 PPS and the antistatic CONDUCTO® 5099 PPS for high-temperature drying, or 3051 PES and CONDUCTO® 5065 PES for low-temperature drying.

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Process Belts
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