Forming belts for the production of nonwovens and textile applications

The forming belts from GKD have been developed for applications requiring top performance.

Thanks to their robustness, flexibility, anti-static characteristics, and excellent cleanability, belts from the Conducto® and Conductive range make a key contribution to boosting efficiency in these challenging production processes. Electrostatic charges can be dissipated in various ways.

Nonwoven forming: carding, airlaid, and airlay

GKD offers an extensive portfolio of forming belts for the production of nonwovens with staple fibers using the carding, airlaid, and airlay processes. Various mesh types are available here, based on the fiber fineness and fiber lengths, as well as machine-specific parameters.

Spunlaid – Spunbond

The mesh structure of the Conductive 7690 impresses with excellent grip of the filaments when they are deposited on the forming belt, coupled with good release properties when the nonwovens reach the end of the belt (web release). In addition, impurities caused by the process (polymer drops) can be easily cleaned from the belt, which ultimately contributes to a longer service life. Unlike many other process belts, the grippy surface does not need to be roughened up or coated in a complex mechanical process before it can be used. This reduces machine standstill times and downtime. Critical materials for qualitatively sophisticated products are produced on high speed systems with a non-marking pin seam. The Conductive 7690 uses carbon-coated filaments to ensure electrostatic discharge.


  • Shorter bedding-in period following a belt change
  • Excellent web transport, even at high speeds
  • Excellent web release while maintaining a high level of grip
  • Easy cleaning of polymer spots (splutters)
  • Spunbond: spunlaid – meltblown

Spunbond: Spunlaid – Meltblown

GKD offers special meshes that have been specifically designed for the manufacture of fine fiber felt filters using the meltblown process for medical, hygiene, or industrial applications. Both synthetic and metal belts are used here. The process belts are available with a pin seam, endless woven seam (synthetic), or pin and soldered seam (metal). The metal belts can be supplied as endless belts with a soldered seam (cantilever installation) or joined on the customer’s premises with soldering performed by our own Service.


  • Antistatic
  • Robust

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Process Belts
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