Technical weave at the highest level

Whether fine or hybrid mesh: With innovative technology and pronounced developmental expertise, we provide state-of-the-art media produced of metal wire mesh and further materials.

Technical weave for industrial applications

Our mesh types form the basis for a large number of media and components used in mechanical process engineering. As a technology developer with comprehensive laboratory expertise, we place a clear focus on developing and refining our products. Our high rate of innovation also enables us to align our range of products and services consistently with the needs of our customers.

We employ certified processes to guarantee our first-class quality, as well as the very highest manufacturing standards. This allows us to produce some of the most reliable, high-performance filter media in the world. We adapt universal media or complex individual solutions perfectly to the manufacturing processes of our customers using the very latest simulation and testing techniques.

Individual product development

From the initial contact right through to the finished end product, our customers benefit from the support of experienced GKD development and application engineers. Together with our customers, they define the requirements in detail when developing new meshes. We then either adapt tried-and-tested mesh types for the individual application or develop new mesh types. This entire process, from development to manufacture and quality assurance, is closely synchronized and networked in our laboratories. This allows the practical expertise of our experts to be incorporated in the development and manufacturing process early on. Our customers then ultimately benefit from products with reproducible top quality. We have also been cooperating successfully with renowned research institutes all over the world for many years.

Benefits and services