Solutions for the textile, fiber and nonwovens industry

Forming, drying, bonding: woven metal, synthetic, and hybrid meshes, as well as spiral belts are used in numerous processes for the production of nonwovens and technical textiles.

Thanks to customized belt characteristics and our in-house expertise, GKD meshes can deliver key competitive advantages – also for high-speed transport, as well as special washing, bleaching, and pressing applications. Technical support in the form of on-site assembly and troubleshooting for customers is indispensable in many applications. Our Service department therefore operates a 24/7 customer hotline.

Filtration of the extruded melt is an important upstream step in the production of polymer-based fibers and nonwovens. Matched specifically to the individual requirements of products and systems, GKD filter screens are used in all filter systems across the globe with optimized filter media. We also manufacture the rectifying elements required for cooling the fibers during fiber production on an individual system basis.

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