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As an architect or building owner, benefit from our holistic expertise and discover our services that complement and support our products.

Safety at a high level

From the outset, we are deeply involved in the planning processes of architects and building owners. We know what really matters to them. With GKD as your partner, you therefore enjoy many benefits, including certified and optimally matched solutions. Our comprehensive services then round off our offering, ensuring that you have planning reliability at all times and can deliver the highest quality to your own customers.

Discover the wide range of functions offered by our architectural metal fabrics:

  • Solar protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Natural light
  • Transparency
  • Ventilation
  • Protection
  • Durability
  • Reuse
  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetics
  • Revenue generation and marketing communication

Our stainless steel fabrics are produced exclusively from high-grade alloys and are available up to eight meters wide in virtually unlimited lengths.

As the global market leader for technical fabric solutions, we have also worked hard to become firmly established in the field of modern architecture. Our quality products are developed and manufactured in Germany – using certified processes (ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001). As our customer, you can also rely on our professional consulting and comprehensive services – including secure mounting options, statics calculations, 100% certified goods, and much more. Select the right option for your individual application from our portfolio of more than 40 standard products.

All benefits from a single source

Metal fabric façades act as an energy-efficient solar protection as well as a guard against wind and rain. Suspended ceiling meshes improve room acoustics. Semi-transparent mesh room dividers structure rooms and areas.

Roller shutters made of cable mesh offer increased burglary protection. Our solutions combine a wide range of functions. When you choose GKD, you therefore always enjoy clear benefits.

Solar protection, energy efficiency, and natural light

Our façade fabrics are tested in accordance with EN14501 for their thermal and visual performance, taking into account various glass types behind the fabric and the irradiation angle of the sunlight.

Transparency, ventilation, protection, and durability

In parking garages, GKD architectural metal fabrics provide transparency and good ventilation, while also offering protection from strong winds. Thanks to their long service life, they are therefore ideal for all applications where safety and protection are the main requirements.

Recycling, sustainability, and aesthetics

GKD is committed to the environment and to responsible handling of resources. Our efforts to achieve sustainability are underscored by the fact that the stainless steel we use and the metal mesh we produce can all be recycled. We therefore make a contribution to LEED certification – for example in the categories Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Interiors, Environmental Quality, Innovation and Design, as well as Site Selection.

Revenue generation and marketing communication

Our Mediamesh® can help generate advertising income through attention-grabbing and impressive projection of your messages over a large area.

Our services:

  • Architect and customer consulting
  • Development of new metal fabrics and mounting fixtures
  • System solutions
  • Support during tender processes
  • Cost estimates
  • Static calculations
  • Inspections and tests
  • Construction documentation
  • Installations and accompanying consulting
  • Aftersales service

Our contribution

Our goal is to contribute sustainably to a healthier, cleaner and safer world. With our products for facades and interiors, we can work together with architects, planners and builders to achieve this – with an optimization of the energy balance, environmentally friendly materials and improved light, heat and acoustic conditions.

Sustainability and LEED

The easy way to generate LEED points: GKD metal fabrics are resistant to corrosion, climatic conditions, heat, and fire, which makes them both durable and sustainable. When used as building façades, they alleviate intensive solar radiation, while at the same time offering shade and ventilation.

They also support energy savings in this way. As such, using GKD products in your construction project can help boost your LEED points score in many areas.

Sustainability and LEED potential of our stainless fabrics

As a responsible company, we place great emphasis on sustainability. This is why we always consider the impact that our products, technologies, and production methods will have on the environment. Our guiding principles are the protection of natural resources, avoidance of environmental pollution, minimization of waste, as well as promotion and research of manufacturing and environmental technologies that use durable and recyclable stainless steel fabric. Our solutions can also support companies aspiring to achieve LEED certification.


Metal fabric façades from GKD are translucent, allowing an appropriate level of natural light to enter buildings, while at the same time granting a free view to the outside. This reduces the use of electrical lighting, which in turn improves the energy productivity of buildings.


The attractive and durable acoustic ceiling systems from GKD allow noise to be reduced and controlled. Our solutions thereby make a key contribution to securing favorable working conditions, a greater sense of well-being, increased productivity, and improved communication in offices and classrooms.


Thanks to their shading properties, GKD metal fabrics used as exterior façades not only decrease solar heat input into buildings, but also lower the energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. At the same time, our solutions are light-permeable, allowing the costs of interior lighting to be reduced and optimized. This increases energy efficiency and improves the ecological and economic footprint.

Environmental protection

Selecting products and materials that have a proven beneficial effect on the ecological, economic, and social lifecycle is rewarded with LEED points. Our products are produced from 60% recycled materials and can themselves be 100% recycled at the end of their useful life. Waste produced during the manufacturing process is also fully reused. When redeveloping buildings, solar protection and energy usage can be optimized with a façade from GKD. This in turn allows the lifecycle of existing buildings to be sustainably extended, resources to be preserved, waste to be reduced, and the environmental impact of new construction work to be reduced.

Certified quality and safety

Façade systems from GKD are certified by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) and come with general building approval (abZ). For the first time, metal fabric façades therefore satisfy the requirements regarding standard-compliant building products for façades in line with the Model Building Regulation (MBO). This reduces the work, time, and costs involved for metal and façade construction specialists, as no special case-by-case approval is required. Architects and planners can specify their tenders for façade design in line with general building approval (abZ). Structural and specialist engineers also benefit from the reliably certified performance data of the GKD façade systems.

Planning and implementation in line with official construction requirements

In terms of approvals, façade claddings from GKD offer one key benefit: they comply with the requirements of the model building code and can therefore be used throughout Germany. General building approval for metal fabric façades from GKD also represents an important step

toward the EU-wide approval (ETA/European Technical Assessment) of our façade systems, as well as our ceiling and wall cladding solutions.

As an architect, planner, or building owner, you can avoid ambiguities right from the outset in your invitations to tender by specifying our fully certified and approved façade systems, whose performance criteria are both regulated and documented. This gives you certified safety and clarity in terms of conformity with regulations.

You can also spare yourself the hassle of applying for approval on a case-by-case basis (ZiE) in this segment by choosing one of our metal fabric attachment combinations. By using a GKD façade system, you enjoy legal certainty as a distributer and also avoid any potential liability claims from the building owner.

In your static calculations, you can rely on the certified and confirmed design and performance figures such as tensile load or modulus of elasticity of the GKD façade systems – with reliable factors for structural engineering.

Pioneering façade systems

Although regulations governing the materials used for façades, ceilings, and walls are currently somewhat inconsistent, increasingly uniform standard conformity at both the national and international level will be required in future. External institutes such as the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) have not only tested but also certified the performance values and associated safety of our systems and fall guard protection.

GKD is therefore once again underlining its customer focus, while also ensuring clarity by providing comprehensive legal security and certainty of action when it comes to using metal fabric attachment combinations for architectural projects.

Content of general building approval

The abZ Z-14.7-795 regulates the manufacture, design and use of the prefabricated meshes and their end and intermediate fastenings. Properties and composition of the materials used for ropes, spirals, weft bars, flat steels, pendulum lugs, round rods and eye bolts as well as for the Fusiomesh NG fastening system are documented in detail.

The labeling of the packaging, in-house and third-party inspections of production and products as well as provisions for the design and dimensioning of the ultimate limit state design, for the execution instructions as well as for use, maintenance and servicing are also bindingly shown in the abZ.

Range of validity of the abZ for the following fabric and fastening combinations

  • Metal mesh type Escale 7×1 with end fixing of inserted flat profile and fork terminal as well as intermediate fixing with tension cable
  • Metal mesh type Omega 1520 with end fastening type Fusiomesh NG as well as intermediate fastening with inserted round rod and pendulum bracket
  • Metal mesh type Tigris with end fastening made of inserted round rod and eye bolt as well as intermediate fastening with inserted round rod and pendulum bracket

Are you interested in the abZ for architectural mesh as PDF?

Please send an email to [email protected]