Solutions for synthetic and polymer processing

The production, processing, and recycling of polymer-based materials always require filtration steps, for which a wide range of screen changer and system designs are used. The individually produced filters and filter media from GKD form the core components of these systems and processes. The filter media are perfectly geared and optimized to the respective requirements with regard to retention rates or gel treatment. The objective here is to strike the right compromise between service life and filtration efficiency. This establishes the basis for processes that run cleanly and deliver consistently high product quality. We cover the production of base polymers or master batches through films, monofilaments, and plates, as well as silicones or biopolymer-based materials, whose specific properties require specialized solutions.

Following the extrusion of polymers, synthetic strands are picked up by process belts made of synthetics or stainless steel and are then cooled down on these belts with water from spray nozzles. Depending on the process requirements, meshes with various degrees of water permeability are available for individually configured belts to ensure that as little water as possible can find its way into downstream process steps.

In systems used for foam production, plate-shaped materials are transported by the process belt into the oven, where they are then continuously floated above the belt during the foaming process until the foam is crosslinked. In the production of extruded rubber sealing profiles, the products are transported into the vulcanizing oven on our finely woven process belts, where they are then vulcanized on the belt.

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