More than just mesh and fabric

We not only supply products, but also deliver complete solutions. Our aspiration is to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction, and we do everything in our power to make this happen.

Solution expertise at all levels

Many years of expertise, process-specific know-how, and a pronounced service mentality transform GKD from a supplier to a partner. We develop, assist, advise, support, repair, and test – ensuring that the added value chain of our customers is efficient, results-oriented, and

sustainable. Discover our wide range of additional services that go beyond the standard scope, and benefit from our high standards.

Consulting and service

Every customer process is unique. This is why scrutinize requirements with fresh eyes on a daily basis – using our profound product knowledge and extensive experience. Our employees are available on site at short notice to analyze the task at hand and then secure implementation with our technical mesh solutions for industry and filtration. Material simulation tools for mesh/fabric development and process simulation, rapid prototyping of new developments, and a comprehensively equipped laboratory for analysis and testing of the results are all elementary resources that we use in our day-to-day work.

Many years of experience with our process belt and conveyor belt solutions in a wide range of applications enable us to assume a cross-sector and specialized consulting approach. We know your processes and understand your requirements. We find the right conveyor belt for your process and see innovation as a continuous process within our collaboration. We understand how important it is to keep your production systems up and running as smoothly as possible, which is why our service team is available to you 24/7:

T +49 2421 803 308

Our expertise

New and further development

The continuous development and refinement of our products and solutions is also reflected in our high rate of innovation. Indeed, more than half of our products and solutions are less than five years old. We make consistent use of computer simulations to ensure that this remains the case. For example, we can develop new products quickly and efficiently using the rapid prototyping approach. Finished components are then checked for their practical feasibility using the finite element method (FEM). We have also closely integrated the entire process chain – from new developments, through manufacturing, all the way up to quality assurance. Our customers then benefit from products with reproducible top quality. In addition, we collaborate successfully with renowned research institutions throughout the world.

We work with our OEM partners to develop our system-specific conveyor and process belt solutions. To this end, all new developments pass through the phases of product development in close coordination with our customers: from initial sampling and computer simulation, through test series, all the way up to the finished product. We then work continuously on optimizing our products for the customer process – catering to stricter requirements, altered conditions, revised legal provisions, or to achieve optimization of energy consumption.


Our innovations

Installation and commissioning

Filter media and filter elements are most successful when their design and installation are optimally matched to one another. For new projects, experienced fitters and engineers from GKD therefore accompany the installation and commissioning process on the customer’s premises. This close collaboration leads to an effective exchange between users, operators, and designers of elements and systems. Depending on the complexity, we are also happy to take on installation duties on a permanent basis.

We also have a perfect solution for the installation of our process and conveyor belts. On request, these belts are equipped with a tow-in tool that facilitates easy and damage-free installation. This equipment is offered as standard and can be used multiple times. Detailed installation instructions also enable our customers to install new belts themselves. However, the worldwide GKD Service is also happy to take care of belt installation.

Testing, analysis, simulation

GKD’s physical-technological testing laboratory offers services for and around weaves and related components. All of our divisions and customers benefit from the laboratory’s material and testing expertise. Our professional testing personnel perform the physical, chemical, and filtration-related tests using the latest equipment and calibrated measuring equipment. This helps us maintain the continuously high quality of our products and developments, as well as perform testing in accordance with customer specifications and in the event of damage.

We are also capable of determining and specifying process-relevant parameters analytically and together with our customers. From air permeability analyses, determination of fatigue and tensile strengths to computer-aided simulation – we are able to cover broad areas of analytical requirements.

Rescreening of filter elements

Filter elements are frequently made up of a base or frame structure and a filter medium that is attached to this. In the event of a defect in the filter medium, the substructure remains largely reusable in many cases. Replacing the filter media requires adapted production technologies and experience. We rescreen and repair filter elements such as filter leaves, filter cartridges, frames, and filter inserts for a wide range of industries and applications. Reusing the base and frame structures allows our customers to benefit from major cost savings and optimized filter media.

Seam technology

Customized seam solutions for optimum process integration. Just like our belt solutions, their seams also have to withstand tough conditions. Depending on the application, we combine the optimum mesh for the specific customers with a suitable seam type. We are also happy to advise you on which seam to choose for your individual application.

The patented and particularly flat PAD seam is exclusively available from GKD. A special pad is melted into the belt mesh and pressed together with metal hooks in a hot melt process. This not only offers greater strength, but also leads to better belt running characteristics. In addition, the risk of damage to the seams is reduced significantly, the seam area is closed more tightly, and product penetration is reduced.