We combine tradition, innovation and internationality

Having enjoyed success for almost 100 years, we are today a globally recognized technology leader and sought-after experts in our markets and industries.

GKD Group – Technical weavers for industry and architecture

We began weaving wire in the German town of Düren almost one hundred years ago. Founded by Josef Kufferath, GKD has always been owned exclusively by the same family, today in the fourth generation. We are a globally recognized technology leader and sought-after expert when it comes to

developing and producing solutions made of technical weave and spirals. Our customers use GKD’s wide range of products in industrial and architectural applications throughout the world.

“Our family-focused philosophy extends far beyond the Kufferath family. Other families have also been working faithfully at GKD over many generations, both at the headquarters in Düren and at our international sites in Chile, South Africa, India, China, and the US.”

Dr. Stephan Kufferath
Chief Sales Officer

The Management Board of the GKD Group introduces itself

“Born and raised in Germany” – GKD is still, to this day, entirely family-owned. The company is led by Dr. Stephan Kufferath in the third generation, Lara Kufferath in the fourth family generation, Dr. Daniel Holstein and Ilonka von Bodman. Since March 2024, they form the four-member executive board

of the GKD Group with clear division of responsibilities, which takes into account the strategic priorities and thus the future viability of the board, as well as aspects such as process orientation and a clearer allocation of responsibilities.

“We have consistently broken new ground and faced up to the respective challenges of the time. This has helped us become a globally recognized technological leader.”

Dr. Stephan Kufferath
Chief Sales Officer

“As a company, we have a responsibility toward future generations. Sustainability is therefore our business strategy.”

Lara Kufferath
Chief Digital Transformation Officer

“Digital transformation and the evolution toward sustainable solutions are the big challenges facing GKD and its many customers worldwide. We meet these challenges and find creative solutions with enthusiasm.”

Dr. Daniel Holstein
Chief Technology & Operations Officer

“Alongside the task of ensuring the long-term financial stability of the GKD Group and supporting its international growth, I look forward to shaping the future of a technologically strong company whose values I fully identify with.”

Ilonka von Bodman
Chief Financial Officer

GKD is one of Germany’s TOP 100 innovators

Continuous innovation work, which we have been doing every day for almost 100 years with our 900 employees around the world, coupled with the other components of our DNA tradition and sustainability – this is what makes us one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany, as has now been confirmed by the TOP 100 seal.

Innovation has been a crucial element for us since our company was founded in 1925, helping us to realize our vision FOR A HEALTHIER, CLEANER, SAFER WORLD.

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