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Our vision – your career opportunity

At GKD we combine tradition, innovation, and sustainability. We are versatile, multicultural, and diverse. More than 900 employees around the world work together to make our goals reality. We develop innovative and highly efficient mesh solutions that serve the sustainable development of our planet for generations to come. This drives us and manifests itself in our global corporate vision FOR A HEALTHIER, CLEANER, SAFER WORLD.

Do you also have a vision? Then you’re in just the right place with us. Our vision provides you with the best professional and career prospects, regardless of where you currently are in your professional career. We are looking for people who enrich our culture. Who value our mix of tradition and internationality. Who get involved. Who will tread the path for a healthier, cleaner, safer world together with us. WEAVE YOUR CAREER.

What we can rely on

When so much is changing permanently and ever faster, solid values and traditions provide a reliable foundation. All employees at GKD contribute their own skills and ideas – and that’s the way it should be. Because in collaboration with colleagues around the world, our visions become ideas for innovations which we pursue together with our skills and expertise for GKD.

With a strong corporate culture, we create the framework for constructive and goal-oriented cooperation. The best results are the ones we achieve together! That’s why we rely on a strong, shared culture of dedication, development, reliability, and respect.

Respect – diversity that enriches us

Respect for others is essential to GKD's corporate culture. Whether internally or externally, constructive and appreciative exchange is always a benefit, even and especially when different opinions clash or a challenge is perceived from different perspectives.

Flat hierarchies and an open and honest feedback culture help us to develop innovative solutions internally. This creates trust, including when conflicts need to be resolved. Our corporate culture also extends to our customers. They really appreciate the fact that they are dealing with teams that work together and are goal-oriented.

Dedication – working together for the best solution

Innovation is part of our DNA at GKD. We find new markets and applications as well as new solutions for our customers. In doing so, we also examine and improve our own processes and working methods.

Every employee at GKD contributes their own skills and ideas. We want to encourage this and give dedicated employee involvement the space needed to develop optimally. We want to intensify the exchange of ideas, consider things from different angles, and focus on sustainability and long-term growth in as holistic and highly committed a way as possible.

Reliability – the basis for trust

Our reliability is greatly valued by our customers and partners around the world. Because reliability engenders trust and is an essential element in any collaboration. Whether in relation to customers, suppliers, and partners, or within the team – at GKD we are proud that people can rely on us.

This is evident not least in our strategic orientation. Long-term and sustainable goals always take priority. That's why we always go the extra mile – be it for our colleagues or our customers. When we are convinced that we can achieve the best solution, then we pursue this path and stand by our responsibility.

Development – ready to break new ground

We are constantly advancing our machines and technologies – as well as our skills, expertise, and processes. The courage and willingness of everyone to learn and move forward is a crucial success factor at GKD.

Our customers and partners see us as problem solvers. We live up to this in our corporate culture, too. Constructive solution suggestions and concepts are greeted with openness and curiosity in the teams. People who enjoy developing new solutions and acquiring new skills are supported in doing so.

Work-life integration

Work and private life cannot always be clearly separated. We often fail to consider both areas of life in balance. So we need to try to bring work and private life together efficiently. That’s why at GKD we prefer to speak of work-life integration. It lets us decide freely how we want to do something and how work and private life interact.


Living and working in Düren on the edge of the adventure-filled North Eifel region

Exciting jobs in an exciting region. GKD is situated in Düren, just 30 kilometers from Aachen and 40 kilometers from Cologne. The friendly town lies at the center of the Rhenish mining area and thus at the forefront of the structural change between mining and a modern bioeconomy. 

Düren offers its nearly 100,000 inhabitants everything that constitutes an attractive place to live: from medical care, schools, and public authorities to shopping and leisure facilities.

As the gateway to the northern Eifel, the district of Düren provides a wide range of opportunities. Be it on a bike, while hiking, or on the Rursee – one of the largest reservoirs in Germany – which is not only popular with water sports enthusiasts.

Both the growing “primeval forest” of the Eifel National Park with the wide variety of activities offered by the Vogelsang IP in the center and the neighboring high moorland landscape of the Hohes Venn are unique. With Nideggen, Heimbach, and above all Monschau, picturesque little towns make inviting weekend excursions. And Maastricht (NL) and Eupen (B) are just a stone’s throw away within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. All these places are connected by the Rur, the blue lifeline of a diverse region! 

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