Conveyor belts for washing processes

Our TRACKMATIC™ belts have also been contributing to efficient textile treatment in color and print finishing systems for decades. In these systems, they serve as conveyor belts for textiles on reels, which are sprayed with water jets from above during processing. During this process, all chemical components from the previous color or print treatment are then washed out.

Our TRACKMATIC™ belts not only offer flawless performance in continuous use, but also boast a service life of several years. Thanks to the form fit between roller and belt, based on equal spacing of the grooved rollers and rows of V-crimps on the underside of the belts, the belts do not require any external control system. With flexible circulation, the TRACKMATIC™ belts from GKD deliver exemplary cross stability and operational reliability.


  • Large aperture
  • Extreme operational reliability
  • High degree of cross stability
  • Ideally suited to use with heavy textiles

Jörg Diedrichs
Sales and Applications Manager
Process Belts
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