BLUEBACKER: maximum energy efficiency in corrugated board production

GKD is an important development partner to producers of corrugated board and equipment manufacturers who benefit from tailor-made solutions, hands-on consulting, and worldwide service. The BLUEBACKER is the result of our process expertise. Its unique mesh design based on monofilaments, special staple fibre yarn and interwoven bronze wire guarantees lateral and transverse stability, secure conveyance of the corrugated board and constant electrostatic discharge.

When used as a lower belt, the BLUEBACKER is available either with a special silicone coating or uncoated. This makes it ideal for use with heavy corrugated boards and papers with a smooth surface. BLUEBACKER helps secure more efficient processes in corrugated board production – with lower heating and drive energy, lower maintenance costs and increased performance.


  • Hybrid mesh with interwoven bronze wire
  • Long service life
  • Significant savings in terms of drive energy thanks to the lower weight per unit area
  • Constant electrostatic dissipation thanks to Conducto® technology
  • Dimensional stability thanks to thermosetting and special mesh design

You can find more information on BLUEBACKER on our dedicated product page:

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Sales and Applications Manager
Process Belts
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