Acting with responsibility: FOR A HEALTHIER, CLEANER, SAFER WORLD

We believe that entrepreneurial success goes hand in hand with ethical and sustainable action.

As the fourth generation in GKD’s management, I learned very early in life that we as a company have a responsibility to the generations that come after us. That’s why we want to help actively shape the world we live in and do our bit.

Lara Kufferath
Chief Digital & Transformation Officer (CDTO)

Sustainability with no compromises. We do our bit.

After all, our company’s vision is to make the world in which we live healthier, cleaner, and safer. We strive to deliver customer benefits through innovation and conservation of resources. At the same time, this approach helps us achieve sustainable development of our planet for future generations. That is why, at GKD, responsibility and sustainability are at the center of all our business activities.

As an owner-run family business in its fourth generation, it has always been our aspiration to act with foresight. With our products, we make a significant contribution to permanently aligning and shaping the processes and fields of application of our customers in a sustainable manner.

What we understand by sustainability

Conscious use of resources and entrepreneurial success build on each other. After all, our entire business is built around the vision of making the world we live in healthier, cleaner and safer. That is why we invest in the fields of global macrotrends to advance them with our solutions and generate progress.

Sustainability at GKD

Culture and values firmly established

We follow clear and uniform rules in our actions and behavior. In this way, we ensure that we meet both legal requirements and ethical standards at all times – both towards GKD’s employees and toward customers, suppliers and service providers.

Our culture and values