Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
For a healthier, cleaner, safer world

Motivated by our beliefs and the corporate vision derived from them, we assume social responsibility for our employees, society, and the planet.

For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond legal compliance. It stems from the personal conviction of the founding family and our employees worldwide.

After all, our entire business is built around the vision of making the world we live in healthier, cleaner, and safer. That is why we invest in the fields of global macrotrends to advance them with our solutions and generate progress.

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What we produce

Products – sustainable influence on customers and markets

Metal, synthetic, and hybrid mesh from GKD plays an important role in making our world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Together with our customers, we develop the best solutions, which protect resources in a lasting and efficient way.

For example, we work on keeping water clean. We also develop and produce sustainable applications for medical technology, the future of mobility, food hygiene, for protecting people from infection, or for optimizing building energy consumption.

Yet we see our responsibility not only in developing and producing innovative mesh solutions, but also in the entire product lifecycle: from sustainable handling of raw materials, through energy-saving and efficient use in application, right up to high recyclability and disposal.

How we produce

Processes – gentle on resources right from the start

Sustainability begins with raw materials. Through intelligent supplier management, we save on carbon emissions. Bundling of deliveries is one of many examples of how we combine cost-effectiveness and sustainability in a sensible way.

We want to conserve resources, save energy, and reduce emissions wherever possible. That’s why, as early on as the development stage of new products and production processes, we take into account the use of environmentally friendly materials and are working on constantly reducing production-related waste.

This is also part of our certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, with which we are continuously and demonstrably making further improvements. The same applies to energy management. In order to optimize our energy balance and further reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions generated by our operations, we are ISO 50001 certified.

How we interact with one another

Social awareness – responsible and diverse

Our employees form the foundation of GKD’s corporate success. That’s why trusting and appreciative cooperation is a matter of course and part of GKD’s corporate culture.

Dedication, development, reliability, and respect – these are the values at the heart of our cooperation. We learn and grow as a team, inspire one another, and develop solutions together. We promote open and diverse interaction. Employees are valued regardless of nationality, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

As a company, we support the social and societal involvement of our employees through a wide range of initiatives that harmonize with our own goals in terms of sustainability and responsibility.

Responsibility according to recognized norms and standards

We want our customers to be able to trust our products and services in every respect. That’s why we pay attention not only to quality, but also to strict compliance with environmental, occupational, and health protection.

In order to prevent our business activities from adversely affecting people and the environment from the outset or, where they cannot be avoided, to continuously reduce them, we have introduced suitable instruments to support us in this and to monitor our activities independently. These include management systems that meet the requirements of internationally recognized standards and regulations.

In addition, GKD takes into account the specific requirements of individual sectors, such as the automotive, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

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