Small element with big tension

Maximum control for unique metal mesh facades. Continuous monitoring and compliance with regulations for mesh facade installations. Perfect aesthetics and durability thanks to patented design.

TENSIOMESH® is used to adjust and control the pretension of GKD fabric facades. It is permanently installed in the façade system and positioned
between the substructure and the lower attachment.

This makes it easy to comply with and check the relevant applicable regulations according to which fabric facades must be installed. It thus meets the highest safety and quality requirements of architects and building owners.


At a glance. Continuous monitoring of the prestressing of the fabric facades.

More safety: To comply with the relevant applicable regulations according to which fabric façades must be installed.
More control: to ensure the fabric tensioning recommended by the manufacturer.
More quality: To meet the highest safety and quality requirements of architects and builders.
Less effort: Easy adjustment of the pretension during installation.

High durability. Robust and at the same time weather resistant design.

Manufacturers of flexible stainless steel mesh recommend minimum pretensioning to ensure the longevity of the system. TENSIOMESH is a device for checking the tension exerted when tightening the end fasteners of the mesh between the substructure. It allows to read the prestress during the installation and thus to monitor it continuously throughout the life of the structure.

Perfect aesthetics. Perfect in combination with the mesh facade due to high-quality stainless steel design.

The mechanical tool for measuring and controlling the pretension of flexible mesh facades blends unobtrusively into any fastening device for tensioned stainless steel mesh on exterior facades. TENSIOMESH combines the highest aesthetic standards with authoritative control functions.

Patented and experienced. Patented system that is a result of 30 years of experience in the manufacture of fabric facades.

In summary, TENSIOMESH is a means of ensuring correct installation and in times of climate change with more and more storms, it is a competitive advantage for architects because they themselves have security and can sell it. Our fabrics are maintenance-free, but the overall system can change due to environmental factors. With TENSIOMESH, architects and builders have security for life and no more risk with the right pretensioning.

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