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Stainless steel mesh for architecture project in Paris

Tours du Pont de Sèvres

Staircase cladding and room dividers with GKD stainless steel mesh at "Les Tours du Pont de Sèvres". Architect Dominique Perrault transformed the office towers, which had become rather unsightly, into an architectural landmark in the Boulogne-Billancourt area of Paris. 260 m² of 'Escale 7x1' and 'Escale 7x2' stainless steel mesh from GKD were used in the redesign and modernisation of the building's interior.

The 1,500 m² foyer in the building complex was structured with ceiling-height room dividers made of GKD architectural mesh. These stainless steel mesh panels not only channel the lines of sight, but also direct the flow of visitors, while at the same time performing safety functions on the balustrades. The transparent mesh structure and the metallic texture also provide for special aesthetics. The targeted illumination of the architectural mesh creates versatile reflections, which lend the interior design of the central building unit a light and welcoming character.

Award-winning architectural design

Parisian architect Dominique Perrault already won an international architecture competition in 2007 with his draft for redesigning the office towers. The tower complex had been constructed in 1975 according to plans supplied by architects Badani and Pierre Roux-Dorlut. In 2008 Perrault's architecture firm started work on the concrete plans for the architectural enhancement of the rather outdated office complex. This was followed by fundamental and comprehensive reconstruction work, building extensions and refurbishments. Among other things, all façades and ceilings were totally renewed. Only the formative and load-bearing concrete structure of the tower blocks remained intact. Alongside the redesign of the façades using aluminium and glass, the goal was also for the interior design to shine with new lustre – particularly in the heart of the building, the foyer. Stainless steel architectural mesh from GKD was used in the form of spiral mesh here.

Stainless steel architectural mesh as room dividers, staircase cladding & visual screening

Architect Perrault replaced the old centre of the building complex with a new, larger one that accommodates an entrance area of 5,000 m² . A canopy made of polished stainless steel adorns the main entrance. The glossy aesthetics of this entrance area continue inside the building and allow daylight to flood in. Ceiling-high stainless steel mesh room dividers from GKD represent another architectural highlight in the 1,500 m² foyer. The ten shimmering mesh panels appear either transparent or opaque, depending on the illumination and viewing angle. The spiral mesh and its reflections in the curved, seven-millimeter-wide stainless steel bands lend the space a sense of lightness and dynamism. The up to 9.5 metre high and up to six metre wide stainless steel panels also serve as staircase cladding and fall guard protection (mesh: 'Escale 7 x 2') on the balustrades and as visual screening (mesh: 'Escale 7 x 1').

Spiral mesh used: further special features and benefits

Alongside aesthetics and functionality, the decision to go with stainless steel spiral mesh from GKD was taken due to its outstanding material properties, such as its maintenance-free nature, durability, robustness and non-combustibility. A flat profile with fork head was incorporated into the last mesh spiral for attaching each mesh section. This allows the stainless steel mesh to be tensioned in place, which gives it even greater stability.

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