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Glass hybrid belt: combines the advantages of fiberglass and metal in one mesh

GKD is treading completely new paths with the glass hybrid belt. By combining fiberglass with metal, the advantages of both materials are combined in a single product. Because the flexible, lightweight glass fibers in the warp direction do not expand when heated, the dimensions of the mesh remain stable across the entire temperature spectrum. The metallic weft wires woven in the transverse direction lend the mesh the level of lateral stability required in applications with large working widths in which the product exerts strong shrinkage forces.

This innovation is rounded off with non-stick coating, which enables even highly adhesive products to be processed on this belt without the belt becoming soiled. The main area of application will be the manufacturing of voluminous nonwovens, in which the belt is magnetically lifted in a double-belt dryer. The low weight per unit area with a simultaneously high magnetic share is a great advantage here.

  • Belts made of hybrid mesh

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