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Entreprise de tissage technique
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Tapis pour partie « double face » des lignes de production de carton ondulé

Le nouveau tapis pour la production de carton ondulé CONDUCTO® 3322 garantit une bonne efficacité de production grâce à technologie de toile tissée révolutionnaire des process.

Innovative microfilter crucible for thermogravimetric analysis

The TGA crucible from GKD can be used directly. It simplifies sample preparation and increases recovery rates. Particle loss and contamination are both minimized.

The new POROMETRIC high-tech filtration mesh

Highly efficient filtration of water, oil, gas polymers and more. POROMETRIC is the new filter fabric from GKD. It has the world's highest flow rate in combination with high dirt holding capacity.

Transport belts for the production of nonwovens

Conveyor belt, forming belt, screen belt, dryer belt. GKD produces special belts made of metal, plastic and hybrid fabrics for the nonwovens industry and all processes of web forming.

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The future of our society and our world is the topic of the exciting podcast series from the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology. This time they spoke to Dr. Stephan Kufferath and Peter Wirtz from GKD. Discover why and how GKD solutions contribute to a healthier, cleaner, and safer world.

GKD: for a healthier, cleaner, and safer world

GKD products are everywhere. They are used on airplanes all over the world as strike protection, they filter exhaust gases and microplastics, they increase the safety and improve the energy balance of buildings, and much more. Have you never come across a GKD product? You’d be surprised! Discover GKD, the hidden champion in action.

23. novembre 2022 Process belts

Maximum energy efficiency for corrugated board production

Lower heating and energy, reduced maintenance costs, and improved performance. With the market launch of the BLUEBACKER corrugator belt, GKD offers corrugated board manufacturers clear advantages for their production process with just one product. …

04. octobre 2022 Metalfabrics

Stay cool with external metal fabric as effective solar protection

Outside temperatures are rising, while inside the air conditioning systems are humming away and consuming lots of energy. However, there are more sustainable ways of cooling buildings – with exterior architectural fabric from GKD.

29. septembre 2022 Industrial mesh

Safety in wireless charging of electric vehicles

Inductive charging could herald the next phase of electromobility. Metallic mesh from GKD helps ensure the safety of both users and vehicle engineering.

10. août 2022

Efficient mesh solutions for sustainable production processes

The GKD Group is basing its presence at this year's Achema Forum on the umbrella topic of sustainable production processes. The solutions of the Düren-based mesh and fabric specialists are used in many sectors and processes, including …

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Activités de l'entreprise

Toiles tissées techniques pour l’industrie et l’architecture

Le développement et la fabrication de toiles tissées et mailles personnalisées ainsi que des procédés innovants pour la mise en œuvre des toiles tissées en fil métallique ou faisant appel à d’autres matériaux : telle est la base de notre succès international comme entreprise de tissage technique.

Nos toiles tissées techniques spécialisées ont fait de nous l’une des entreprises de tissage technique les plus réputées. En ciblant résolument les marchés de niche exigeants et les process hautement spécialisés, notre entreprise poursuit son évolution positive durable depuis sa fondation en 1925. Nos clients profitent de notre expérience de presque une décennie en tant qu’entreprise de tissage technique, ainsi que de nos toiles tissées techniques haut de gamme.


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