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Spray Bars and Nozzles


The spray bar has an internal brush and an easily accessible hand wheel on the side of the machine. By simple visual inspection of the spray water exiting the spray bar, the operating staff can confirm whether all the spray nozzles are spraying or not. Should some nozzles be blocked, a simple turn of the external hand wheel causes a double action to take place:

Firstly the turning rotates the internal brushes to dislodge the debris blocking the nozzles while at the same time a valve is opened allowing the loosened dirt and debris to be flushed out. By closing the wheel after 3 or 4 turns, the nozzles should all be clean giving a 100% spray over the entire width of the cloth.

Depending on the amount of solids build-up and the amount of blocking of the nozzles, a standing operating procedure can be incorporated into the plant’s operating instructions as to the frequency of how often the external wheel should be turned.


GKD also offer our standard spray bars and spray nozzle types. The spray nozzle allows a flat spray of water to wash and regenerate the filter cloth. The material of construction varies from high quality polyurethane to stainless steel. Fish tail nozzles and flat disc nozzles are some of our standard nozzle types.


  • High quality materials used in fabrication
  • Designed in such a way to allow for sufficient spray water over the entire cloth
  • Easy cleaning of spray nozzles
  • Superior quality
  • Outlasts expected service life

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