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Belt Filter Spares

Horizontal belt filters are, in broad terms, the most commonly used vacuum filters in the industry due to their flexibility of operation, adaption to corrosive slurries and suitability to handle large throughputs.

The development of the horizontal belt filter for the chemical process industries was closely associated with the progress in rubber technology since they incorporate an endless and thick rubber belt of a complex design to support the cake retained by the filter cloth. GKD manufactures a superior quality extensive range of spares parts used in various brands of belt filters for optimal performance.


  • Vacuum pumps
  • Trapezoidal rubber carrier belt
  • Ripple curbing
  • Straight wall curbing
  • Fish tail feeder
  • Air boxes
  • Seal strips
  • Wear belts
  • Bearings
  • Vacuum ancillaries
  • Variable speed drive gearboxes
  • V-notch speed drive gearboxes
  • Vacuum boxes
  • Wear slides
  • Dam flaps
  • Bearing covers
  • Heavy-duty clamps
  • Heli-flex hose


  • Limit switches
  • Trip switches
  • Trip cord


  • Wide range
  • High-quality materials used in fabrication
  • Compatible quality
  • Outlasts expected service life

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