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20. May 2022

Green hydrogen for industry – with solutions from GKD

Technical weave from GKD can help in the rapid expansion of a global green hydrogen economy. GKD presented its expertise in the field of green energy for the first time at the World Hydrogen 2022 trade show in Rotterdam.

Green hydrogen is considered the foundation for sustainably transforming industry. The energy source can be used to replace fossil fuels in many areas, decarbonizing the economy.

The National Hydrogen Strategy passed by the German federal government in March 2022 demonstrates just how topical the issue is and what high hopes are associated with it. Not only does it cite the energy source as “central in achieving the Paris climate protection goals”, it also highlights its innovative perspectives in industry. The strategy states, “Green hydrogen is the only possibility for rendering certain processes in the chemical industry climate-friendly and is the most sensible way of replacing coal in the steel industry.”

Meeting of experts: World Hydrogen in Rotterdam

As the global technology leader for state-of-the-art industrial mesh, GKD supports the efficient use of green hydrogen in industrial applications as technical weave is used in generating green hydrogen and converting it to energy. The quality and properties of this weave are key factors in the efficient production and use of the energy source.

As hydrogen (H2) is only just taking its place among the ranks of the most important energy sources, dialog between politics and industry is critical at this point. The World Hydrogen 2022 Summit Exhibition, which took place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands in May 2022, sees itself as a global platform for this cross-sector discussion and exchange of knowledge. GKD made its debut appearance at the show, presenting solutions that can support rapid scaling and provision of a global hydrogen economy.

Perfectly tailored solutions

Technical weave from GKD is used both in the electrolyzer and in the fuel cell. During the electrolysis process, the electrochemical, structural, and mechanical properties of GKD products amplify the effect of the hydrogen and oxygen generation reaction.

Increased efficiency is the top priority for GKD in power generation in the fuel cell. Special wire meshes are available as electrode material for various types of fuel cells and for different manufacturers. The new brochure Technical weave for green energy” explores how GKD supports applications in the field of green energy with specific solutions.

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