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Industrial mesh


Filter elements and filtration meshes for the sugar industry

Sugar filtration

Filter elements and filtration meshes from GKD are used in many different process stages in the sugar industry. The range of applications includes the filtration of process water, right through to the filtration of liquid sugar.

Matched to the respective filtration system, we produce filter inserts and filter elements that we then equip with particularly efficient and durable optimized plain dutch weave (ODW. In certain cases, existing inserts can also be equipped with new wire mesh within the scope of repair work. Filter inserts for automatic filters from manufacturers such as Amiad and Hollandfilter are specifically designed to offer excellent robustness and durability for the sugar industry.

We produce filter inserts, filter elements and replacement elements for automatic filters, as well as process water filters used in the sugar industry.

Benefits for sugar filtration

  • Production of individual filter inserts
  • Optimized filtration mesh for coarse and fine filtration
  • Robust filter inserts for Amiad filters and Holland filters
  • Filter inserts for ion exchangers

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