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Optimized dutch weave (ODW): high permeability

Optimized dutch weave

Optimized plain dutch weave is a further development of plain dutch weave for ultrafine filtration.

It is made up of a small number of thick warp wires and many thin weft wires. Due to the larger number of fine weft wires, these are interlocked during the production process. The result: slit-like openings with very small pore sizes (small edge length), which ensure a high level of permeability. Like plain dutch weave, optimized plain dutch weave offer a particularly high mechanical load-bearing capacity. One of the most frequent applications for this product is the filtration of fresh water and sewage.

Filter applications:

  • Water/waste water filtration
  • Solid-liquid filtration
  • Cartridge filters
  • Disc filters
  • Drum filters
  • Pore size > 5 µm

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