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Case studies – Page 3

Process belts

Greater reliability in cooling lubricant filtration

Greater reliability and less consumption mean greater efficiency While the previous belt had a maximum useful life of seven months, the VACUBELT® filter belt is still performing its task to the complete satisfaction of Ralf Kuberek after almost a full …


HASC: Top level occupational safety and emergency care

Visualization of identity The Occupational Health Center of the HASC was also planned with a keen eye for detail. Ceiling-high windows create friendly rooms in the clinic that are flooded with light and whose inviting ambience is underlined by a …

Process belts

CONDUCTO® 2203 sets new standards in carding

Card web sets new standards The results and customer satisfaction speak for themselves: “This belt helped us to reduce our process interruptions significantly.“ says Thomas Konrad. The quality of the card web sets new standards by its web evenness and …


MahaNakhon – Bangkok’s new icon

The future of parking The winding pixelated belt of the tower, which starts at the peak of the tower, ends at the spacious indoor and outdoor terraces in the sales and gastronomic area on the lowest seven floors of the MahaNakhon. Together with the exterior of the …

Process belts

Sludge dewatering with GKD

Sludge recycling Using municipal sewage sludge as an alternative fuel can help to save primary energy, an important argument with respect to the universal debate on reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Andritz 3SYS has developed a system in which the dried sludge is …

Process belts

The future belongs to wood pellets

Climate-friendly alternative with high savings potential After buffering, the dried chips are ground once more. The resulting particles with a size less than 3 mm are axially injected into the pellet press at high pressure and radially pressed through the matrices. IBV …

Process belts

Energy-saving sugar beet pulp drying sweetens the production cost balance

Savings of several million Euros on energy costs André Wicki has been collaborating with GKD for a very long time now and only has good things to say about Conducto® belts. “Our excellent results with this type of belt in wood …

Process belts

Higher returns, lower costs: Digestate drying

Fruitful cooperation When selecting the process belt technology, Christian Wenner was influenced, along with his own many years of experience regarding belt dryers, by the consistently positive reputation of the GKD belts. Three years later, in summary of his …


The Blue Whale

Woven metallic dress for three-dimensional structure The real attraction of the building, the enormous Blue Whale, can be found beneath the chandelier allegory. Its curved stomach contains a concert hall with space for 1 950 spectators in the stalls and on the balconies, as well as a …

Transparent media façades

Return of a cult symbol

Illuminated business card More than twenty years after the reopening of the building complex, the decision was then taken to inject new life into the traditional banner on the roof. Stantec Architects, who had been commissioned to execute the project, decided to go with a modern …

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