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Case studies: Metalfabrics


Pioneering work on the sunny island

Even now, some seventeen years after the original construction, Herrero is more than happy with the results: “As promised, the metal fabric has proven to be easy to look after and extremely weather-resistant, while also meeting the requirement to deliver …


Poste du Louvre in Paris takes on a new mantle

Black stainless steel mesh as decorative functional element Pleasing environments in all areas, shaped by creating thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort, are closely linked with the ecological quality of the modernization. Perrault’s clever …


Bronze membrane for Hermès flagship store in Bangkok

  Challenging dimensions and angles To retain an unencumbered view of the outside world as well as the intimacy of the shopping experience, the people at ICONSIAM opted for a free-hanging interior façade made of metal mesh. It was intended not …


Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Interwoven sun reflections The façade used a total of 3,355 square meters of the special stainless steel mesh with a spacing of 10.5 x 1.2. To compensate for the limited incidence of light typical of a north-facing façade, Perrault had a third of the spirals coated gold …


GKD: Metal mesh encapsulates gateway to the Campus Melaten

Efficient contribution to sustainability Beside the special aesthetics of the metallic membrane, its functional properties were the key reasons for its selection. For example, the stainless steel shell serves as solar protection that reduces the …


These Three Trends in Metal Fabric Application Are Changing Commercial Design

Solar Management Beyond ceiling systems and etched façades, solar management is a recent trend that is driving growth at GKD. Solar management isn’t just a boon to facility managers and building owners who face increasing energy …


World-class concert acoustics

Metal fabric for good sound The same fabric that was used for the ceiling elements also covers the movable reflectors on the back wall of the stage: gold-colored powder-coated Alu 6010. For the ceiling and stage wall, GKD fitted a total of 204 frames, some of them wave- …


ParisLongchamp: Fluid motion

Everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory Perrault also relied on the exceptional characteristics of GKD metal fabric for the interior design. Used as acoustically effective ceilings, decorative suspended objects, as well as large-format wall hangings, the fabric …


Golden membrane as an expression of corporate philosophy

The conceptual design of the lobby, which is open to the public from two sides, provides for additional hustle and bustle, as well as social meetings. This makes it a much-used route from other parts of the city to the Nanshan high-tech district. …


Kunsthalle Mannheim museum of modern and contemporary art

A total of 72 panels, each measuring around 20 meters in length and 3.26 meters in width, were used to create the sophisticated skin which lends the Kunsthalle its versatile face. With the discreet brilliance of the warm bronze tone, the finished …

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