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Case studies: Process belts

Process belts

Better quality, lower energy consumption

More case studies: Case Study: Saica Pack Oval

Process belts

Your belt in good hands

  All-in service with perfect training When a tear appeared in the belt in its seventh year of use, TEAtherm wanted to fit a spare GKD belt they had found at the power station. However, mechanical engineer Friedrich and his team lacked the necessary experience and so asked …

Process belts

New doublebacker belt exceeds high expectations

More case studies: Case Study: Nestler corrugated board

Process belts

Breaking new ground in phosphogypsum dewatering

Two proven belt types For years, GKD VACUBELT 3356 mesh filter belts have proven their worth in various plants for dewatering phosphogypsum in Russia, Australia and the USA. They have a pore size of 220 μm and air permeability of 290 cfm. However, a much …

Process belts

Large-scale benchmark test at the Bad Salzuflen sewage treatment plant:

A direct comparison on flat spirals and spirals with multiple wire filling He was therefore very keen to see the results of the second test, which compared two different spiral belt types from GKD with one another: the type S20-6508-370 …

Process belts

Sonneberg sewage treatment plant enjoys greater planning reliability for its belt press

The first visible signs of wear in Sonneberg have not yet resulted in any impairment of the dewatering process, although Toralf Thiemann and his team are obviously keeping a close eye on this. After 22 months, he is happy …

Process belts

Greater reliability in cooling lubricant filtration

Greater reliability and less consumption mean greater efficiency While the previous belt had a maximum useful life of seven months, the VACUBELT® filter belt is still performing its task to the complete satisfaction of Ralf Kuberek after almost a full …

Process belts

CONDUCTO® 2203 sets new standards in carding

Card web sets new standards The results and customer satisfaction speak for themselves: “This belt helped us to reduce our process interruptions significantly.“ says Thomas Konrad. The quality of the card web sets new standards by its web evenness and …

Process belts

The future belongs to wood pellets

Climate-friendly alternative with high savings potential After buffering, the dried chips are ground once more. The resulting particles with a size less than 3 mm are axially injected into the pellet press at high pressure and radially pressed through the matrices. IBV …

Process belts

Sludge dewatering with GKD

Sludge recycling Using municipal sewage sludge as an alternative fuel can help to save primary energy, an important argument with respect to the universal debate on reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Andritz 3SYS has developed a system in which the dried sludge is …

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