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Transparent media façades

Mediamesh at the Henry Madden Library, California State University in Fresno

Madden Library

This transparent media façade made of stainless steel mesh showcases one of the longest art movies in the world.

The continuous loop of a video presentation by artist and architect Susan Narduli depicts an American lady who is weaving a basket – in reverence to the traditional craft of the Native American population. The artist's material was used to produce a video that shows how a basket is made from start to finish. The process is shown in real time and takes more than two weeks. This video certainly ranks among the world's longest art movies. The 50 m² transparent media façade is installed inside the building behind the glass pane to the "Peace Garden". This allows lecturers, students and visitors to the university to follow the process for creating a basket.

Technical details:

  • Mesh type: Mediamesh V6H6
  • Display area: 50 m²
  • Total amount of pixels: 14,028 px

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