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Room acoustics between glass and marble: Europlaza, Paris

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CMP sound-absorbing elements from the Silentmesh product range create quiet areas in sound-reflecting environments and ensure balanced room acoustics with wall cladding and room dividers.

A grand entrance hall opens up in front of visitors to the Europlaza office skyscraper in Paris. However, floorstanding glazing, marble floors and hard walls are extremely disadvantageous when it comes to room acoustics.

Acoustic wall cladding made up of CMP composite panels with color-anodized aluminum meshes from the Silentmesh range ensure that the reverberation time is noticeably reduced. Individual meeting areas were acoustically optimized by setting up approx. 1.5 m tall partition wall elements with CMP-Alu 6010 next to seating areas. Ambient sound is virtually eliminated between these partitions.

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