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Semicircular parapet made of metal mesh with 3D etching

HASC – Houston Area Safety Council

The building of the HASC occupational health clinic in Pasadena, USA, owes its distinctive appearance to the fully glazed, semicircular entrance area combined with the semitransparent parapet made of stainless steel mesh. The mesh above the main entrance, which was given a special surface treatment using the etching technique, is both a design element visible from great distances and at the same time a multifunctional component of the architectural concept.

All buildings on the HASC campus are certified in accordance with LEED. This is where the metal mesh parapet makes a major contribution as an efficient and almost completely recyclable solar protection element. Furthermore, the robust stainless steel mesh withstands the hurricanes that are common in the region.

Design highlight:
In an innovative etching procedure developed by GKD, a visually seamless panorama image with a three-dimensional effect resistant to weather conditions and UV light was applied to the Omega 1520 metal mesh. The mesh elements were mounted using round bars with eyebolts.

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