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Multifunctional solar protection façade made of stainless steel mesh


On an exclusive residential building in Birchgrove, Australia, the exterior solar protection façade made of Lago stainless steel mesh performs multiple functions.

As efficient solar protection it reflects unwanted UV rays, improves living quality, and increases the energy efficiency of the building. The significantly reduced heat input to the building minimizes cooling costs. What's more, the multi-story building shell made of stainless steel architectural mesh serves as reliable fall guard protection and lends the apartment building a luxurious design. As visual screening, the semitransparent fabric blocks prying eyes while giving an uninterrupted view of the outdoors from inside the building. The translucence of the solar protection façade allows gentle daylight to filter into the rooms and reduces the energy required for artificial lighting.

Facts & Figures

The attractive shimmering mesh façade made of 88 square meters of stainless steel mesh consists of seven rectangular mesh elements, each measuring up to six meters high and around five meters wide. The individual elements were mounted using the Fusiomesh flat/flat system with clevis screws developed by GKD. They were fitted by Australian GKD partner Augen Design.

Functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability: The solar protection façade impresses with its multiple functions in combination with a timeless high-class design. The stainless steel mesh used requires no maintenance, is resistant to corrosion, and can be recycled at the end of its long service life. Besides all its other features, this makes the mesh façade a sustainable solution.

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