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Curved room dividers made from stainless steel fabric for five-star hotel

Aguas de Ibiza

In the luxurious spa area of the five-star Aguas de Ibiza Hotel, room dividers made from GKD stainless steel mesh are a real optical highlight. The flexible formability of the architectural fabric made it possible to produce ceiling-high, curved surfaces that fit with the hotel’s philosophy of exclusivity and sustainability.

The semitransparent stainless steel fabric separates the pool areas from one another while still allowing sufficient daylight through. The sweeping curves of the woven room dividers convey a sense of lightness and openness. The color of the fabric underscores the elegance of the rooms and their calm atmosphere. Lighting strips in the frame of the room dividers create subtle reflections on the gently shining surface of the fabric.

To produce the elegant room dividers, the renowned Spanish interior designer Sara Forch selected Lamelle architectural fabric from GKD for its high-quality appearance, sustainable stainless steel material, and because the fabric is resistant to the corrosive influences within the spa area.

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