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Gleaming helix with architectural mesh in Manzanares Park

Puente de Arganzuela

The architectural spiral mesh Escale 7×1 skilfully sets the scene for the Pasarela del Arganzuela bridge as the park's architectural highlight.

In the helix-shaped bridge construction split into two sections, the triangular openings are fitted with 64 alternating panels of Escale 7×1 spiral mesh spanning a total of 4500 m². While eyebolts provide the necessary tension on the angled sides, an inserted flat element is attached to the substructure at the top and bottom.

The 250 m long bridge spanning Manzanares Park has a diameter of 12 m at its center, which tapers off to 5 m at both ends. The GKD spiral mesh gives the architecture of the bridge a visible highlight.

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