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Facades, ceilings, and walls with different metal fabrics

Paris Longchamp

For the top-class design of the facades, ceilings, and walls on and in the new four-story building at the renowned Paris Longchamp racecourse, star architect Dominique Perrault once again opted for metal fabric from GKD.

When planning the new hippodrome, as much emphasis was placed on convenience, sustainability, and future viability as on the desire for identity-creating architecture. The aesthetic and functional quality of the GKD metal fabric was demonstrated in a variety of ways.
Facades: story-height, horizontally movable solar protection elements made of semi-transparent, golden ESCALE 7x1.5 stainless steel fabric on the grandstand and pavilions
Ceilings and walls: suspended acoustic ceilings made from CMP fabric mesh for acoustic comfort in a reverberant environment; vertically suspended mesh panels made of gold-anodized ESCALE 7x1 for visual structuring of the spacious floors; and four-meter-high wall hangings made of the same fabric type for aesthetic homogeneity

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