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Three-dimensional media façade: Cube construction with backlit stainless steel mesh

Expomedia Light Cube

During Expo 2000, an experimental cuboid building was erected that was clad apparently seamlessly on all four sides with Omega 1520 stainless steel mesh.

LED tubes that back-light the transparent stainless steel mesh were installed between the glass façade of the building, which was designed as a technology center for media companies, and its mesh façade. The metal fabric therefore serves as a large-format rear projection screen for computer-controlled light installations and transforms the cube into a giant, three-dimensional media façade at night. By day, the reflective outer skin made of stainless steel mesh changes its appearance with the movement of the sun: early in the morning it’s monochrome gray, at midday a cool silver, and in the evening a warm gold-orange.
This unusual media façade was realized thanks to the special properties of the GKD stainless steel mesh: mesh transparency, mechanical robustness, and weather resistance. The remarkable design media façade was mounted using loops, round bars, and eyebolts.

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