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Multifarious application of metal fabrics as an architectural calling card

New GKD plant, USA

With the construction of the new GKD plant in Cambridge on the east coast of Maryland, an industrial production facility was enhanced with metal fabrics for the first time by star architect Dominique Perrault. The prestigious new building was also the French architect's first project in the USA. Perrault and GKD have left a highly regarded calling card in the United States with the diverse use of metal fabrics.

The first feature to catch the eye is the freestanding 50-meter-long solar protection screen made of Escale 7 x 1 stainless steel mesh. Behind it the building can be seen with its semitransparent solar protection façade including movable solar protection elements (mesh type Omega 1520). In the interior, the suspended ceilings employ large quantities of stainless steel mesh, the floor covering in the showroom is made of Tatami mesh, ceiling meshes (Lago stainless steel mesh) are used in the conference room, and the Lamelle mesh type gives the lobby a stylish feel. The Capella interior design mesh in the production halls rounds off the impressive overall picture. The technical innovative capacity and range of architectural deployments of the high-tech mesh, coupled with their high degree of functionality, speak for themselves, making the new building an impressive calling card that requires no words.

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