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Multifunctional solar protection façade made of stainless steel fabric

Chemisches Institut Heidelberg

The building façade of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg received partial cladding made of Omega 1510 stainless steel fabric with white-coated weft wires.

The woven façade cladding serves as solar protection for the outdoor stairways and passages, as well as fall guard protection on the balustrades. In addition, the rugged and durable stainless steel fabric offers permanent protection from wind and weather. Thanks to its discernibly textile look, the façade cladding lends the building an attractive appearance. The transparent structure of the stainless steel fabric grants unobstructed views of the surrounding area from inside the building. The fabric on the top edge of the building is curved 90° inward, which creates a homogeneous overall impression. A total of 104 fabric elements with lengths of up to 18.70 m and widths of up to 5.98 m were installed (total area around 1,675 m²). The tried and tested Fusiomesh system was used to attach the stainless steel fabric to the exterior façade.

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