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Spiral mesh façade: Mosque in Putrajaya

Putrajaya Mosque

4,300 m² of 'Escale 7x1' stainless steel spiral mesh on the façade of the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque helps secure ideal climatic conditions in Malaysia's ultra-modern Putrajaya administrative center. In addition to this, the semi-transparent spiral mesh offers visitors reliable solar protection and protects them from driving rain.

The satellite city of Putrajaya is located to the south of Kuala Lumpur. Nature and technology, historical architecture and the latest materials all come together in a unique way here. The sacred building is an architectural landmark that can be seen from far away.

Façade cladding made of stainless steel spiral mesh: Design and function

Puristic structural steel work with ornamentation typical of this country characterises the 24 metre high façade as a modern interpretation of Islamic architecture. The sophisticated façade cladding, comprising 4,300 m² of stainless steel spiral mesh, not only connects the building's rectangular openings architecturally, it also performs important functions: Climate control, solar and weather protection.

Each mesh element is 7.70 m wide and up to 8.30 m long. Three elements are connected to one another at a time. This allows the façade cladding to appear visually seamless and really brings the impressive height of the building façade and its windows to the fore. The woven façade shell is attached using hook bolts that remain invisible, thereby supporting the architectural design objectives of simplicity and transparency. A further design highlight: Depending on where the viewer is standing/sitting and the incidence of light, the stainless steel spiral mesh façade cladding appears semi-transparent or opaque, with a shimmering metallic effect or simply pale grey. At night, an illumination brings the transparency of the woven façade shell into the limelight.

Natural climate control thanks to intelligent façade shell

Rather than glass windows, a woven skin acts as a protecting membrane. The tropical climate in the region places high demands on the materials used. The 'Escale 7x1' spiral mesh from GKD meets all requirements. The architectural mesh is resistant to corrosion and heat, low maintenance, non-combustible, resistant to mechanical influences and extremely durable.

The air flow properties of the stainless steel mesh played a key part in realizing the plans of architect Nik Arshad Nik Mohammed's for providing the main prayer hall with natural climate control. The woven façade shell not only offers protection from drafts, it also allows the right amount of cooling air to pass through.

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