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Façade cladding with extensive protective functions

Barcelona Airport, parking garage

The entire parking garage façades at Barcelona Airport were cladded with metal fabric from GKD. For this project, architect Junquera Perez Pita chose the Tigris stainless steel mesh, which meets the high technical and functional requirements placed on airport buildings as well as offering scope for creative architectural concepts.

Thanks to the semitransparent mesh façade, the parking garages shimmer elegantly and discreetly – providing an appealing contrast to the black stone of the surrounding terminal. At the same time, the façade offers specific protective functions: Together with its innovative mounting fixtures, the mesh, which GKD developed for applications including potentially vulnerable places, withstands impacts such as car bomb explosions to a large extent by absorbing shock waves and intercepting bomb fragments. Moreover, it is resistant to fire and vandalism, requires very little maintenance and is dirt-proof. What's more, the stainless steel façade cladding protects parking garage visitors from driving rain and drafts, serves as fall guard protection and provides for natural ventilation and daylight in the building.

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