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Exterior façade with special aluminum fabric

Nestlé Competence Center

Events, workshops, as well as tours for customers, consumers, and employees are held at the modern Nestlé Competence Center in Frankfurt.

For the representative cladding of the exterior façade, the architects were looking for a rigid, close-meshed, and stable fabric that is resistant to wind and weather, while also boasting impressive functionality and aesthetics. The decision was ultimately taken to go with GKD's Alu 202020 aluminum fabric with open area of 45.7%. The exterior façade was clad with a total of 208 anodized fabric panels (total area 715 m²). To this end, the rectangular trimmed aluminum fabric elements were folded (in some cases on two sides) and then attached to a framework. The extreme dimensions of the approximately six meter long and 0.5 m wide fabric panels required great care during manufacturing, transport, and on-site handling. To ensure that the façade cladding of the Competence Center has the desired visual impact.

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