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Safety and metal mesh: Balustrade, fall guard protection, bridge cladding


The 160 m Negrellisteg footbridge appears to float above the tracks of Zurich's central station. The bridge offers a view of the city and the station. At each end of the bridge is a round elevator tower enveloped with a spiral staircase. As balustrade and fall guard protection for the bridge and stairs as well as cladding for the towers, Omega 1510 and PC-Omega 1510 metal meshes from GKD were used.

Key features

In the long rolls of metal mesh for the balustrades, the warp wires run horizontally and are wound between railing posts. This creates a zigzag effect with unusual facets. Depending on the viewing angle, the mesh is either semi-transparent or opaque. The metal mesh is a visible design element and also serves as fall guard protection. Another safety feature are the weft wires of the mesh panels, which are bent over by 180° at the ends.

The PC version of the Omega 1510 mesh was used as cladding on the elevator/stair towers. Here, the mesh consists of rigid wires in the warp and weft direction. The mesh is stiffer than its pendant used for the balustrades, which is flexible in the cable direction.

Design and safety

The partially translucent designer stainless steel meshes with their gently shimmering surface emphasize the architectural lightness of the bridge. The wound mesh panels of the balustrades with their very varied appearance are a special design highlight. At the same time, the fine yet robust meshes provide the requisite safety. A total of more than 800 m² of metal mesh was installed on the Negrellisteg bridge.

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