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Design and safety with architectural stainless steel fabric

Mercat de Sant Antoni, Barcelona

In and around the market hall dating from 1882, located in the Sant Antoni district of Barcelona, customized architectural fabric from GKD provides modern, innovative aesthetics and safety alike.

PC-Tigris stainless steel fabric was used for the four main entrance doors, which are semi-circular at the top, 26 folding elements for secure closure of the corridors inside the building after closing time, as well as four transparent yet robust roller shutters in front of the shops – adapted in each case to the uneven floor.

Ten fabric panels also partially clad the exterior façade. The durable fabric is used here both as a design element with a wide range of effects generated by its reflective metallic structure, and as a transparent visual filter and bird protection in front of the window openings. In addition, the open structure of the stainless steel fabric also guarantees optimal ventilation of the market hall.

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