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Sweeping façade with stainless steel mesh: Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport

Flexible cladding of a solid steel substructure with 2,000 m² of Tigris stainless steel architectural mesh – comprising 270 individually custom-made mesh panels.

The architects at Woodhead International got together with T.C.L. Architects to develop a forecourt for Adelaide Airport in Australia. The task was to find a material capable of following the building shape flexibly, while also providing a completely glare-free surface for pilots. GKD's Tigris design mesh satisfied the strict requirements and passed the specially organized pre-test with flying colors.

The double-curvature architectural substructure was then successfully clad with the selected stainless steel mesh using the Fusiomesh attachment technology developed by GKD. With this unique design, the forecourt at Adelaide Airport presents itself as a distinctive landmark of the coastal city.

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