Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
For a healthier, cleaner, safer world

Motivated by our beliefs and the corporate vision derived from them, we assume social responsibility for our employees, society, and the planet.

For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond legal compliance. It stems from the personal conviction of the founding family and our employees worldwide.

After all, our entire business is built around the vision of making the world we live in healthier, cleaner, and safer. That is why we invest in the fields of global macrotrends to advance them with our solutions and generate progress.

Responsibility according to recognized norms and standards

We want our customers to be able to trust our products and services in every respect. That’s why we pay attention not only to quality, but also to strict compliance with environmental, occupational, and health protection.

In order to prevent our business activities from adversely affecting people and the environment from the outset or, where they cannot be avoided, to continuously reduce them, we have introduced suitable instruments to support us in this and to monitor our activities independently. These include management systems that meet the requirements of internationally recognized standards and regulations. In addition, GKD takes into account the specific requirements of individual sectors, such as the automotive, pharmaceutical, and food industries.