“Our capacity to innovate is what drives our constant development and evolution. It describes our ability to get things moving and our speed, as well as our courage to break new ground, transform challenges into opportunities, and constantly reinvent ourselves. In other words, it is the key to our solution expertise.”

Lara Kufferath
Chief Digital & Transformation Officer (CDTO)

Perfectly tailored fabric solutions for markets and customers

Our capacity for innovation has helped us secure leadership in our markets. We continuously refine and optimize our products. We find completely new solutions and achieve sustainable progress for sectors driven by global macro trends. Examples include the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the food industry, as well as sustainable packaging or optimization of processes used in raw materials extraction.
For us, the following applies to every product: ENGINEERED IN GERMANY.

Our engineers engage in constant dialog with customers and employees from production. This ensures that they are always in touch with the requirements of the market and experience first-hand how our products and solutions can be made even better. We collaborate intensively with international research institutes to develop the leading-edge products of the future.

Innovations as a driving force

Wire meshes that make electric mobility safer, that accelerate production and use of green hydrogen, or help filter even the smallest plastic and pollutant particles from water – it is with these and many other solutions that the GKD Group opens up new perspectives and competitive advantages for its customers.

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