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20. avril 2022

For beauty and good health

When producing nonwovens for hygiene and cosmetic applications, the key is selecting the right process belt. GKD offers a solid solution with CONDUCTIVE 2215.

More than 16 billion meters of adhesive bandages have been sold since the basic design was created a hundred years ago. The nonwoven wound pad is an important component of these bandages and needs to be absorbent, lint-free, and hygienic. Getting the details right is therefore key when producing medical nonwovens. The process employed represents an important factor. This is because the diameter of the woven filaments, as well as their quantity per centimeter in both the warp and weft direction, influence the topography of the woven surfaces, the air permeability, and ultimately the end product. To ensure that production runs smoothly, the specifications of the process belts used to carry the nonwovens need to be perfectly matched.

One renowned producer of cotton nonwovens for hygiene and cosmetic products such as bandages, cosmetic pads, and makeup removal cloths therefore recently made the decision to specify the CONDUCTIVE 2215 process belt from GKD. The single-ply PES fabric can be used in both airlay and meltblown nonwoven forming. Thomas Maßen, Sales & Application Manager for Process Belts at GKD, reports, « One key customer requirement of the process belt was securing precise deposit, as well as avoiding material entanglement and fiber loss throughout the nonwoven forming process – which we can guarantee with CONDUCTIVE 2215.“ In addition, process-based electrostatic charge is reliably dissipated by the carbon-coated filaments interwoven in the process belt.

Seamless transitions

Depending on the respective system configuration, the CONDUCTIVE 2215 can be produced as an endless belt or with a woven-on pin seam. Both seam technologies have been designed so that they do not leave any imprint on products. Tapered gibs, which are available in all usual standard sizes, are also fitted to the belt and help ensure reliable belt guidance.

Despite the highly technical nature of fabric engineering, customers can install and maintain process belts from GKD themselves, including the CONDUCTIVE 2215. Said Maßen, « To this end, we provide customers with easy to understand installation instructions. However, our dedicated Service Team is obviously also available at any time to offer practical support and advice. »

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