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Transparent media façades

Viewing platform and transparent media façade - the Indemann


GKD's Illumesh stainless steel mesh encapsulates the Inden community's landmark.

Planned by Maurer United Architects, the Indemann stands on the "Goldsteinkuppe" as a symbol of structural transformation in the region, pointing with its extended arm toward the Inden surface mine. The 36-meter-high, accessible steel sculpture is reminiscent of an early robot. The Indemann gets its unique radiance from the transparent display made of Illumesh. At night, it is brought to life by spectacular, computer-controlled light shows. A transparent media façade also allows the appearance of the viewing platform to be changed at any time. For example, the LED profiles allow the Indemann to wear a Santa outfit at Christmas or take on the appearance of a firework for New Year's Eve.

Technical details:

  • Mesh type: Illumesh V200H10
  • Display area: 1,470 m²
  • Total amount of pixels: 8,131 px

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