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MEDIAMESH® and ILLUMESH®: media façade systems with LEDs

MEDIAMESH® is designed for day-and-night applications, while ILLUMESH® is used for applications at twilight and during the night. Both media façade systems boast modern LED technology. They differ in terms of the direction of projection and the media presentation possibilities.


On MEDIAMESH® systems, the LED rows are integrated in the carrier sleeves of the stainless steel mesh. The LEDs emit light forward toward the viewer. This enables a very high light intensity at a small pixel size, thus allowing a high number of pixels to be placed in a relatively small area. Content can therefore be reproduced in particularly great detail with the MEDIAMESH® system – whether during the day or at night.


With the ILLUMESH® system, the LED profiles are positioned in front of the metal mesh and illuminate it. An enlarged reflection of the pixels appears on the mesh, thereby allowing a large LED media façade to be fully illuminated with a relatively small number of pixels. For ILLUMESH® systems the focus is not on displaying content in detail, but rather on illuminating and presenting media on large façades at twilight and during the night.


Take a look at the numerous awards won by our LED façades to date: Transparent media façade | Awards

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