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17. January 2020

VACUBELT®: Process reliability in dewatering

Whether it's for dewatering phosphogypsum, FGDP gypsum, or lithium, in potash fertilizer production or in cooling lubricant filtration, the range of VACUBELT® filter belts from GKD is proven the world over in demanding dewatering processes. Thanks to their special weave structure and seam technology, the filter belts made of polyester monofilaments ensure the greatest possible efficiency and safety.

Along with robust transverse stability, a lower tendency to crease, and a smooth surface, VACUBELT® filter belts also demonstrate good cake discharge and excellent cleaning performance. The improved seam design further underlines this process efficiency. The extremely flat PAD seam reduces particle penetration thanks to its minimal opening at the seam. By drawing in filling threads, the risk of particle penetration is further reduced. As such, the extremely flat seam is not put under pressure by the stripper and is subjected to less wear. VACUBELT® filter belts successfully demonstrate this proven range of properties in a variety of applications. For dewatering phosphogypsum, the VACUBELT® 3354, 3356, and 1003 belt types meet the strictest requirements for service life and dewatering. The filter belts, which are up to 4.35 meters wide and 70 meters long, are designed specifically for the required processes and thermally treated to suit the application. Thanks to air permeability of 200 to 350 cfm and mesh apertures of 150 to 340 µm adapted to the respective plants, they guarantee constant high dewatering performance. In FGDP gypsum dewatering, the VACUBELT® 2015 filter belt has been the established standard for years and is also setting new benchmarks in lithium dewatering. Whether it’s for building new power plants or refitting existing facilities: Faster dewatering of the gypsum suspension, greater pore density per square meter, less tendency to clog, thermal resistance, and very good cleaning properties make this belt type the filter belt of choice with its minimal opening of 50 µm and air permeability of 55 cfm. In Potassium fertilizer production, the VACUBELT® 5060 filter belt with up to 470 µm apertures – coupled with air permeability of 290 cfm – reliably withstands the high temperatures and corrosive conditions typical of this process. In cooling lubricant filtration, the VACUBELT® 3354 filter belt made of polyester wires is a proven alternative to the usual polypropylene products available on the market. It reliably retains swarf and particles abraded from the grinding wheel without the addition of filtration aids, even with thin filter cakes.

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